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The Dark Side Of M.O.M by Kenrick Cleveland
Kenrick Cleveland - Dark Side of Magical Objection Mastery | 566 MB

The Dark Side of MOM gives you have the power to use the 24 Magical Objection Mastery patterns (M.O.M. 3.0) to turn someone's world upside down...

"The Dark Side Of M.O.M by Kenrick Cleveland"

Free 300 GB with Full DSL-Broadband Speed! make anyone questions their own beliefs and even install extreme negativity into their unconscious.
Youll walk away with a step by step guide... a blueprint... showing you how to breakdown the patterns and create your own on the fly.

(The content inside of The Dark Side of MOM is very dangerous and must be used responsibly.)

The Dark Side Of MOM Includes...
2 Hour Audio Lesson - Demonstrating and deconstructing how to use each one of the patterns to destabilize someone at their core.
Follow Along Guidebook - Listing the patterns with examples.

BONUS: Access To A Members Only Live Webinar Training - Revealing my latest breakthroughs.

On this Special Invitation Only Webinar Training... well dive even deeper into the applications of the Dark Side of MOM patterns including:
- How to aim the Dark Side of MOM patterns to have their biggest effect on your listener (youll know which levers to pull inside their mind to make them question their own reality).
- 5 New Distinctions for destabilizing the mind of your listener... Giving you the ability to hijack their closest held beliefs and manipulate them for your own benefit. Please use this with care just because you know how to do it doesnt mean you should!
- How to slip the Dark Side of MOM patterns into everyday conversations... so they bypass your listeners conscious mind and fester in their unconscious.
- One simple strategy for multiplying the effectiveness of all your dark side suggestions (and any other type of suggestion).
- How to use personal information youve already gained to open up your listener's weaknesses to install a ticking time bomb of doubt ready to go create havoc in their mind (of course you can use this to install positive suggestions as well).
- And much, much more!

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The Dark Side Of M.O.M by Kenrick Cleveland

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